Visiting the Swabian Farm Museum Illerbeuren

The Swabian Farm Museum Illerbeuren is the open-air museum for the administrative district of Swabia which extends from Oberstdorf in the South to Nördlingen in the North.


The open-air museum occupies about 50 acres featuring over 30 historic structures, including homes, barns, stables and commercial and civic buildings. Some of these buildings are located on the spot, some are reconstructed or rebuilt. 


We recommend arriving early and planning to stay for a couple of hours. A visit provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the domestic, rural and commercial activities that supported families and communities for more than 300 years. You can see historically furnished interiors, explore museum exhibits and learn about the history and culture of this region, called Swabia.

Our staff provides guided tours and the museum also presents and hosts events and special programs throughout the year. 


Noch freie Kursplätze für den Obstbaumschnitt

Noch bevor wir öffnen, gibt es schon den ersten Kurs: 

Am 15./16. März kann man bei uns das Schneiden von Obstbäumen erlernen. 

Zur Anmeldung geht's hier lang...